About Lists with Friends

Lists with Friends was started as a conversation between my fiancee, Rose, and I. We both thought it would be useful to have an app that made sharing lists easy, so we started searching for an app that would work for us. As a developer, I assumed that there would be a number of such apps available since just about every coding tutorial starts with making a “todo list app”. We tried a highly recommended app, and at first, it was okay. But then the spam started. We were getting spammed to upgrade to paid versions via notifications. So we had to turn those off, which made the app useless.

After some "encoragement" from Rose, I decided to try and take action. A little while and a lot of code later, here we are! I’m always looking to improve the app — if you have suggestions or feedback, feel free to email me at azeigler@gmail.com (or better yet, send a list!). Keep in mind that Rose is really the boss here and approves all new features, so make sure they’re good ideas! :)

About Andy

I’m a developer in Seattle, WA. I studied Computer Science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Previously, I worked at Microsoft on Internet Explorer and Xbox. More recently, I helped start a company called Neighborly. Currently I’m working with some very talented folks on a new startup. In my free time, I love hanging out with Rose and riding my bike. I also love lists, so if you have good one, try sharing it to me via email!